Beach Pool Club


Oasis at the Wetlands

A premier event and dining destination, guests are invited to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to this inspired poolside oasis to enjoy a relaxed ambiance.  Malaysia’s largest salt water pool and first diving pool with a 5-meter diving platform. You don't have to travel overseas for your tropical ambiance, chill party vibes and vitamin sea.


Quick Info

  • Type Outdoor
  • Duration Few Hours


  • All users should shower before entering the pools.
  • All users should adhere to the rules of swimming ports by wearing:
    a. Men: Swimming trunk & cap
    b. Women: Swimsuit, cap & bikini
  • All users should keep their clothes, towels and other belongings inside the locker.
  • All users should conduct themselves orderly and properly within the swimming pools or Clubhouse.
  • Children with height 130cm should be accompanied by their parents or guardian who will be responsible for their conduct and safety.
  • All users of the pools are strongly advised to leave the pools when it is raining and whenever there are thunderstorm / lightning or under any other life threatening or emergency situation or circumstances and shall do so immediately when directed or instructed by lifeguard or any other person authorized by the Management with long whistle blasts.


  • All users are prohibited from bringing in food and drinks into the swimming area and its surroundings (decks).
  • Person suffering from infections, communicable or contagious disease is prohibited from using the swimming pools.
  • Spitting and any other unhygienic acts in or around the pools ore decks are prohibited.
  • The use of rubber, air mattress, toy balls, and any other forms of toys are not permitted except for arm rings and floats for children.
  • No person shall be allowed to wear footwear on the deck except for authorized personnel.
  • All running, pushing, horseplay, drinking or any form of “rough play” within the vicinity of the pool are strictly prohibited.
  • No person should enter the deep end of the pool unless he/she knows how to swim.

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